Create Something!

You might think as a creative person I'm always working to complete a project like a crocheted scarf or knitted wrap, but not all the time. There are times when I just create to play. I explore my whimsical side! Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, everyone has something creative inside of them and I've got some ideas for you how to explore your creativeness!

  • Gardening. Do you like to grow plants and herbs? It's very therapeutic to get in the dirt and with your hands plant seeds, water and fertilize them, then watch them grow! My dream is to have a little garden when we're able to get into a house. I want to grow my own herbs and some veggies too.
  • Adult coloring books. I saw some at my local dollar store. And you can get colored pencils and markers in thrift stores too. You don't have to finish a page, but you can do some color work a little bit each day.
  • Baking. Perhaps you love to bake cookies, pastries, or cupcakes. Baking is more precise than cooking and I've always felt that good baking is pure art!
  • Flower arranging. This is a skill I wish I had! You might love to make bouquets of flowers (both real and silk) and dress the vases up with big, beautiful bows. And, they make wonderful gifts.
  • Beauty. Do you like playing with makeup or maybe fingernail polishes? I didn't study cosmetology, but I sure love to play with different polish colors to see which ones I like. 
  • Doodling. You may not be a professional artist, but you may enjoy playing with drawing pens or illustrating with lettering.  
  • Interior Decorating. Do you like to decorate your home? Maybe you can even offer advice to help a friend spruce up their space. It takes a great eye and keen sense of style to design a room! 
  • Computer Graphics. Maybe you love to create digital images like imposing text on top of photos you take. Or, maybe you enjoy coloring using a mobile app. You can save these images, print them out and use them in many ways like in a photo book or a wall hanging.
  • Photography. Do you like to take pictures? Maybe you find yourself taking pics a lot and sharing them on Instagram. But, you can also start your own scrapbook and pass it down through your family. With pictures, you're creating memories to last a lifetime!

And like me, you might be a crafty person who loves playing with yarn, fabric, and paper. So, sometimes I make swatches to explore new stitches. I'll even make swatches using different brands and weights of yarns and mix it up with different size crochets hooks or knitting needles just to see how they work up. It really helps me narrow down the kind of yarns I like working with.

Do you have a sewing machine sitting around? Pull it out and play with some fabric scraps to see what kind of stitches it will make. You can even find YouTube videos for small sewing projects you can get done in just a few hours. This is great when you don't have a lot of time but still want to make something.

If you are an artist who loves to paint or sculpt, you understand where I'm coming from...taking a break from your artwork and just playing with your brushes is rewarding.

It's fun to just play and finding your own style is incredibly satisfying! So get out there and create something!

BTW! Today is my 300th Blog Post! 

I'm so incredibly excited and grateful for the support I receive and your FB likes, shares, and comments. I'm really blessed! Thank you for reading!


  1. Very busy girl!! you are blessed!

    1. Not as much as I once was Missy! I decided to do no more than 3 projects at a time! LOL! You're the busy one lady! LOL! You are blessed too!