Feeling Pretty

I enjoy being a woman. I get to play with clothes, jewelry, makeup, hairstyles, fingernail polishes, and yes perfumes! I have to be careful with my sensitive skin so I was always trying out new scents to find one that wouldn't break me out and lasted all day.

When I lived in Georgia, the Lenox mall wasn't far away so I would visit the perfume counters and sample different brands. One of my favs is by Clinique called Aromatics Elixir. It has a nice fragrance but not overpowering. I never liked any perfumes that are too loud.

I also love playing around with accessories like scarves, purses, and hats! In fact, when I wear a hat, I typically put together my outfits together last after I pick out the hat.

You know when I think about all this, I'm really glad I discovered my femininity late in life. It wasn't until I left home for college that I dabbled in makeup and such. Before then it was jeans, t-shirts, and gym shoes. I don't know what actually was the catalyst that got me interested in girly things but no matter...I love feeling pretty.

Some of my favorite things to do to feel pretty are:

  • Bracelets. I love wearing them and I'm trying to collect all the colors in the rainbow. Pearls are a favorite.
  • Ruffles. I enjoy wearing ruffled dresses! I have a couple of them and a few ruffled skirts. 
  • Knitted sweaters. I love these! They are so popular in the stores and I'm even learning how to make my own.
  • Painting my toenails! LOL! Yes I think of the spring and summer when I wear sandals a lot, I want to wear different colors like blue, purple, and pink too.
I don't often talk about hair, because it's a sensitive subject. I always had long hair but during my self-destructive days, I'd cut it off, put coloring and perms in and I about destroyed it with heat products. It stunted my hair growth for a long time. It did begin to grow back but not like before. I was introduced to extensions and how they can fill in those thin parts and I've always loved "big hair" so I experimented with them. Back then, they weren't popular and oftentimes anyone who wore them did it pretty much in secret.

Extensions has come a long way since and now they are more than acceptable, but readily available for thinning hair like mine, or ladies who have lost their hair to cancer or any other disease. But, also many women choose them, because they want longer or voluminous hair or even bangs! It's liberating to discuss this as I hid it for so long.

Hairstyles I like to wear are: messy buns on top of the head, middle, or a low chignon. I also still love french rolls and ponytails too, I don't wear it down much because it bothers my neck. And yes, hair accessories are fun too, I wear chopsticks, barrettes with and without flowers, banana clips, and hair donuts :)! 

All of this makes me feel good inside and pretty outside and I thank God He made me who I am.

If you're interested in hair extensions, I buy mine from His and Her Hair Goods. They have excellent customer service and they run monthly discounts with coupon codes.

photo courtesy of pixabay.com