Lining a Crochet or Knit Purse Without Fabric

I'm not the best at sewing at all! And so lining a bag, purse, or basket was something I avoided. I watched several video tutorials on it, but I just had to admit that lining with fabric is not my strong suit.

Well, I was watching some YouTube tutorials the other day not even related to lining and then I saw a technique of using plastic canvas with felt as a lining and it looked much more simpler than dealing with fabric. I'm embedding the video here not just for whoever reads this and would like to try this but for me to find easily next time I need to make lining.

Click here if you can view the video!
Go to 7:42 on the video to skip right to the lining part!

Clever huh? And most of us crafters keep thread or embroidery floss lying around so sewing the felt with it is much easier and I can pick up felt very cheaply at my local store. I hope you give this a try! 

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