Planning my Week

I like planning my week's events, appointments, and tasks and putting it down in my organizer. It helps me stay on point and not forget anything.

Some weeks are pretty repetitive with a few new things added in. I thought I'd share with you what's on my agenda this week.

Monday: Workday for day job updating their website with events, answering emails, and handling any new projects from the weekend.

Monday night: I'm crocheting this blanket sweater pattern for myself. I made one years ago but for a smaller size.

Tuesday: For the day job, I'll be looking at publishing the monthly newsletter and updating the website with new content.

Tuesday night: Knitting a prayer shawl for my healing using Bernat blanket yarn and some large US 35 knitting needles. I just started this project so I haven't gotten very far but it's looking pretty. I will take pics when I'm done.

Wednesday: Having breakfast with a good friend and going shopping at a really nice local clothes shop that offers free clothing every week. Then back to my day job getting ready to send an eBlast for their monthly event to subscribers and members.

Wednesday night: Like to catch up on my writing. I've been in a bit of a writer's cramp lately!

Thursday: Day job - event eBlast gets sent out and I'll be handling registrations coming in.

Thursday night: I plan to do some loom knitting but if not then I might just take the night off and rest!

Friday: Every Friday, I back up the websites for my day job and handle sending out any communications to new members.

Friday night: Planning a weekend trip to go hiking with hubby and watch an old movie!

Weekend: Saturday hopefully we get to go out hiking a trail and hopefully the weather holds up and Sunday is church and lunch afterwards!

What's your week looking like?