So, What's New with Me?!

Hi my friends! Today, I thought I'd write a different post to give you a peak into my little world. Believe it or not, I haven't been overloading myself and it's been really good. I always thought being incredibly busy was more fulfilling to me and it was when I was younger. But, now I'm more drawn to cutting back, relaxing more, and just trying to enjoy life a little more.

Soooo...I've been learning about garment making through crocheting and knitting, looking at a lot of video tutorials to get the hang of it. I just love the patterns I'm seeing, here's a few of my favs:

Light Frost Easy Blanket Sweater by Mama in a Stitch ~ I made this sweater for a good friend and I used my favorite yarn, Lion Brand Scarfie, in a beautiful black, white, and gray slow changing color. Really easy pattern, plus I learned a new crochet stitch, the reverse cross half double crochet which turns out so nice when done. I didn't add a fringe cause I used up all my yarn but I was so excited how it turned out.

Easy Knit Blanket Sweater by Mama in a Stitch ~ This is the knitted version of the blanket sweater. I just love her patterns and her blog. I'm hoping to make this at some point soon for myself.

Crochet "Desert Sands" Poncho by Bag-O-Day Crochet ~ This is such a cute poncho, the link will take you to her (Crystal) video tutorial how to make it. I've been wanting an easy poncho pattern that I can wear all year long.

Crochet Button Up Sweater by Bag-o-Day Crochet ~ This sweater I'm actually in the process of making. It's a first time making this type of cardigan so I'm excited and anxious to see how it will turn out. The link will take you to her video tutorial. Crystal has such easy, but amazing patterns.

Art. I'm so having some fun again with bible art journaling. I made myself a small book with my Cinch, I love this machine! And, so everyday when I read a bible verse, I can draw and illustrate in it. I broke out my ink pads, clear stamps and stickers. It's fun to play with these again, I hadn't touched them in awhile.

If you're wondering whether I'm making cards, the answer is yes and no. Yes, when I need one, no not for selling or mass producing. I just think it's good to have cards on hand for last minute events and it saves a few dollars here and there.

So other than all that, I'm desperately trying to keep my office was from being cluttered! I really want to adapt a more minimalistic lifestyle, but somehow I manage to keep collecting stuff! You there with me?! So, it's a daily thing to keep the desk cleared off at the end of the day, get the clothes I'm not wearing out and donated, and not buy extra craft items I don't really need. This is definitely a work in progress!

Lastly, my knitting is coming along great! I'm working more on my tension. Still working on my prayer shawl, that'll take awhile to finish, so in the meantime, I'm knitting up swatches to learn more about how I knit, do I have lose or tight tension? This is important when you start making garments or even hats and gloves. I consider myself to be in knitting school hee hee!

Looking forward to the Spring, the rain everyday has been affecting my mood too much, I want to see it get dark at 7ish so I can enjoy some sunsets with hubby! Thanks for reading!

photo courtesy by A Girl Obsessed

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