When I Just Don't Feel Like It...

Ever have those days where you just don't feel like getting out of bed? And, when you do, you have no motivation to do anything? I hear you. You're not alone. I worked for a temp agency some years ago that had what they called, "crazy days". They created this much like taking a sick day...you got paid for just taking a day off because you just didn't feel like coming to work. We were granted two of these every year. I love that concept!

There are many mornings where I have to push myself out of bed, whether it be that I was in a deep sleep and I was comfortable to where I wasn't feeling good either physically or emotionally. So, when I have a crazy day, how do I overcome it?

A couple of things:

  • I absolutely start with a prayer. It might be a short one, I don't time myself, but starting out the day with God really helps me especially when I just don't feel like doing anything.
  • I put some cold water on my face and brush my teeth almost immediately after getting out of bed. Does that sound weird? For me, the shock of the water across my face just feels really good and refreshing. I also enjoy brushing my teeth. It makes me feel clean afterwards.
Also, I look forward to eating a light breakfast. For example, yesterday I had a small portion of bacon and potatoes. It was just enough to give me energy to work but not too much to make me sleepy and tired. On "crazy days", I really make sure that none of my meals are too heavy. Cause when you're out of sorts, you don't want be bloated on top of that! That's a horrible feeling.

To stay motivated throughout the day, I try to keep my mind on something I'm looking forward to, like if I'm planning a weekend getaway with hubby or maybe there's a lunch date with some girlfriends coming up. It helps me to focus on my work or whatever else I've got going on. And sometimes before the day ends, that "crazy" feeling I woke up with is gone.

All of us have "crazy days", and we just have to find our own routines for handling them. And, sometimes you may have to give yourself the day off!