7 Mobile Apps I Can't Live Without

In keeping with desktop software apps I can't live without, today I'm sharing 7 mobile apps I simply must have. I consider my iPad my second computer and I about take it everywhere I go. I can handle emails, do a lot of reading, make website content updates, start writing blog posts, and even draw.

So, here's my list:

  1. iTunes music. I listen to daily sermons so this app is a must have for me!
  2. Bible Gateway. I use this for my daily bible reading plus I love the audio bible reading.
  3. Daily Bible verse. This is a little app with a new scripture each day, I like to turn this on when I first get up.
  4. DRIVE. Love that it is synced to my desktop so that I can share files when I'm on the road. Especially helpful for looking through a pattern since I often take my crochets and knits with me away from the office.
  5. Accuweather. For what hubby and I do, we have to keep up with the changing weather conditions in our area!
  6. Food Street game. I just love this game of owning my own restaurant and land. I can decorate, cook dishes, take part in weekly cook-off competitions, buy and sell goods, and participate in weekly giveaways.
  7. Gmail. Must have this to stay on top of my emails!
I'm sure there's others that I've forgotten, but these are my absolute must-haves!

photo courtesy of pexels.com