C'mon On Spring! I'm Ready!

Oh boy, this has been the longest winter season I think I've had since moving here. Not complaining because I know many people are dealing with snowstorms, landslides, and we on the coast are dealing with rain everyday. The flooding is the worst but I tell you when the sun doesn't come out for weeks, it's hard.

I am so looking forward to seeing the flowers bloom and the warmer temps with sunshine. I can picture myself barefoot on a swing in the middle of a meadow wearing a sun hat and flowered dress.

I look forward to seeing the Rhodies that grow around here and seem to fill up the whole highway through the coast. We have our annual parade and festivities around town. It's a busy time for us as we will be in our first big art show for the year. Hubby and I have a smaller booth this year to sell his photography and I look forward to it.

I like to wear spring clothes and lighter colors. Sun dresses are a favorite with sandals and light sweater. I would love to go outside and write while sitting in a park and listen to the birds sing.

Hubby and I like to go to the beach and sometimes we feed the birds and we bring a lunch to eat outdoors. Oh I have such plans! So Spring hurry up and come!