My Go Tos Routine

Before I get into my go tos, have you ever had a little time on your hands and decided to look up some of your blogger friends you haven't visited in awhile only to find out that they haven't posted anything in months and in some cases years?

I know sometimes life happens and blogging takes a back seat, but I admit I was kinda sad and wondered if they had lost their fervor or inspiration for writing. As a fellow blogger, I can understand that, it's hard coming up with new and exciting things to keep your readers interested. I've struggled with that too. But, then I think of all those months and years of work I did with the design, the content, photography, and would be hard to abandon all that. You want to share your craft and hopefully it will reach the right audience that will appreciate your efforts and that's all you can hope for. It takes time...a lot of time and consistency to see a return.

So, when I'm feeling a bit like that...wondering if all this blogging is worth it, I reach for my go to food, a salad and a sammie!

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Soup and sammy is like my security blanket. It's like it helps me to re-focus, reboot, and gets me motivated again especially a grilled panini dripping with melted cheese! It's great to have certain things that you can just easily "go to" and that includes food, clothes, even yarn! Here's a few more of my fav go tos:

  • Jeans and sweaters for going out. I own two pairs of jeans and I keep them near me for days when I need to run errands or I'm going out hiking with hubby and I want to be really casual. I keep a couple sweaters with them and to layer up, I also have a couple of tank tops that I keep close by. It makes it so easy and fast to throw them on because I don't have to think about how I will look and I can get out the door faster and be comfortable.

    I work from home so I try to dress as if I'm going to a job. But, there are times when I have an appointment and I want to dress up a bit more so I have a couple pairs of nice slacks, my black or gold flats, a couple of tops, and a slew of hats that I can wear easily and feel put together without spending a lot of time looking through my closet.
  • Eyeliner and lip gloss. My make-up is very simple...I keep an eyeliner pencil and my Cover Girl Lipslicks on my beauty table. I like lip slicks, because it's not quite heavy as a lipstick but it gives an average lip gloss some color.
  • Red Heart with Love yarn. This has been my go to yarn for years. It's a soft worsted weight and perfect for crocheting or knitting just about anything and it comes in so many colors.
  • Accessories. I love bracelets and I will reach for them to dress up any outfit. I keep all of mine in a pouch. Also, I'm crazy for scarves and I have enough to fill up a closet. Scarves can be worn so many ways and I like wearing them all year round.
What are some of your go tos?

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