My Top 10 List of Bible Events I'd Love to See

If you could see any event from the Bible, what top 10 things would you want to see? Here's my list starting from #10 to #1:


I'd like to see the day Joshua prayed for the sun to stand still and he won the battle (Joshua 10:13).


King Jehoshaphat had an army coming after him and he was outnumbered, he didn't know what to do and so he prayed to God and God answered his prayer and when he went to face the enemy, he found them destroyed. And, they were able to bring back the spoil, it took three days to collect it all. In one day, Jehoshaphat came back victorious and rich! (2 Chronicles 1:20)


I want to see the day Elijah's altar was lit up when he prayed to God after challenging the people who worshiped Baal that the God of The Bible is the only living and true God (1 Kings 18:16-45).


I would like to have seen David dance worshiping The Lord because I love to dance and sing myself! (2 Samuel 6:14)


I want to see the Red Sea part and watch the Israelites walk on dry ground and the Pharaoh chasing after Moses stretched out his hand. (Exodus 14)

I'd like to see how Joseph was re-united with his father and reconciled with his brothers. After all he had been through to watch how he forgave and ended up saving his family. Sometimes I struggle with forgiveness when people have mistreated me, so reading how Joseph triumphed over his own feelings when he had every right to be angry and bitter is inspiring. He chose to forgive and God blessed him, his family, and Egypt. (Genesis 50)


I want to see the King's face when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego came out of the fiery furnace unharmed refusing to bow to Nebuchadnezzar's golden statute. (Daniel 3:8-26)


I'd like to see Jesus when he came to be baptized of John the Baptist and hear God say, "this is my beloved son, in whom I'm well pleased." (Matthew 3:13-17)


I want to see Peter's sermon the Day of Pentecost when The Holy Ghost came and 3,000 people gave their lives and hearts to Jesus and are baptized in His name in that one day! Amazing! We can barely get a few people to agree on anything these 3,000 getting saved?! WOW!!! (Acts 2)


I so, so WANT to see the beginning the world as God created it. The Bible says the world was without form and void. (Genesis 1)

Tell me... what's your Top Ten list?!


  1. This was hard to get this to 10...I cheated with 11.

    1. The Garden of Eden (Genesis 2)
    2. The Ark is finished and filled (Genesis7:1-10)
    3. The Jorden River Crossing (Joshua 3-5)
    4. The anointing of David as king (1 Samuel 16:13)
    5. The Queen of Sheba Visits Solomon (1 Kings 10)
    6. Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego (Daniel 3)
    7. The marriage of Ruth to Boaz (Ruth 4)
    8. Visit of the Magi (Matthew 2)
    9. The Baptism of Jesus (Matthew 3:13)
    10. Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)
    11. Jesus' Resurrection (Matthew 28)

    1. Sis! You have a GOOD list here! 11 is just fine and I'm sure we could grow it to more than 11! Thanks for sharing!