♥ Spring is Coming ♥

In just two weeks, time goes forward and it'll be darker later in the day! I can't wait!!! I don't think I've ever wished for Spring harder than this year. We've gotten more than our fair share of rainy, windy, slushie, and dreary days! I know it could be worse and is in other places around the world, I'm aware of that really. It's just so hard everyday when you get it that there's no sunshine in the forecast for the next two weeks.

I don't react badly when there are rainy days but prolonged cloudy, overcast days does affect my mood. I love waking up to the sun beaming down on my bed and warming my face. I want to look outside my window while I'm working and see the sunshine. I want to smell flowers and watch them bloom. I want to go outside for a breath of fresh air.

Spring makes me think of beginnings, a fresh start. Much how I feel about mornings. I can put yesterday behind and I start anew. It's a new season with new dreams and hopes. I can make new plans and goals looking forward to warmer temps and going outside more to watch sunsets.

Last night as I was writing this, I thought how God can make my thoughts new as with every season. It's like He filled my heart with anticipation and excitement to see the spring. It's a blessing to see how He governs nature. We'll soon see Rhodendrums blossom here in Oregon. These pretty flowers only last a month, but they are so beautiful and fill the whole state. I love the pink ones the best, but they're beautiful in red, white, and yellow. Cherry blossom trees come up too and I know I want one growing in my back yard when we get our house.

Spring also means changing the wardrobe...pulling out the summer hats and lighter color clothes. And, experimenting with pastels and neutrals and maybe a home office decor upgrade too!

You looking forward to Spring too?