Straight Knitting Needles vs. Circulars

March 03, 2017

I have both straight and circulars knitting needles and I was thinking which ones do I like best. As a new knitter, I'm still getting used to the needles. Out of my stash, my favorite pair is my Susan Bates US size 17 circulars, however I'm not knitting in the round...yet.

Susan Bates Circular Knitting Needle 29"-Size 17

I just love the feel of them and the tip isn't very sharp as some needles can be. I love working with bulky yarn so a size 17 needle set is just perfect. They're made from aluminum and is highly polished for extra smoothness so the yarn slides off without me losing stitches. I've done that with other types!

They're comfortable to handle as well and I've knitted several scarves with them. Right now, I'm knitting quilt blocks with Lion Brand Wool-ease yarns, this pattern is a lot of fun!

I do like straight needles too but yeah, these are my favorite right now. One day soon, I'll learn to knit in the round and I'll let you know how I do. :)

If you knit or crochet, what are your favorite needles or hooks? Tell me by commenting below!

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