The Best of Friday Foodie Fotos

That spinach artichoke dip looks good doesn't it? Today, I'm doing a little tribute to my "Friday Foodies Fotos" series. It was cool doing that for a few weeks and I pulled a few of my favorite foodie photos for you reminisce and drool a little bit too!

Food Photography is a love of mine and right after I launched ORMG, I started a blog, "Beautiful Food". It ran for about as long...I think about three years. I've always thought cooking and setting out dishes is artistry itself. We do eat with our eyes first!

Blueberry Pancakes

Burgers topped with avacadoes, onions, lettuce, and cheese

Grilled Cheese Paninis

Strawberry and Raspberry pies

Pumpkin soup served with toasty bread

Ready to cook?