Using Time More Wisely

I'm bad with time. I mean really bad. I get sidetracked so much. I'm notorious for starting something, getting interrupted with other stuff and eventually pulled away. Then I scramble to get back to what I was doing in the first place. Trouble is, sometimes that doesn't happen until the end of the day and I wonder what did I accomplish?

One of my biggest distractions is when I try blocking out a pocket of time to work on a project and hear a tick on my phone, I get curious and pick it thing I know I'm on Instagram, Bloglovin, back to email, and 15 minutes has passed! I can't just turn it off in case of an emergency or if hubby needs to call home. I mean sometimes I'm successful at blocking out time, I'm just not consistent.

So, since I've identified my problem, time to do something about it (no pun intended!) Time is important, because it goes by so fast. On a busy schedule, it's really crucial that I use my time right to stay ahead of deadlines. I use to-do lists and I've talked about my happy planner in this post,'s up to me to gauge my day and plan my tasks in a way that I get done what I need to.

Changes are in order. To stay on track, I have to get a little more militant about what I work on and what time. For example, if I know I have a deadline to get an eBlast out at 10 AM tomorrow, then I need to block out 2 hours prior to that and put the phone on silent, close out email, and put away any and all distractions from my desk. Then after the deadline is met, I can check emails and texts.

Other things like eating times and getting to bed sooner are important to my schedule too. I started eating and going to bed earlier for about a couple of weeks and my body already can tell the difference. That means I have to cut off those late hours to do writing or crafting, but so be it. Some sacrifices are necessary and each day is different. If I get done with my day workload sooner, then the extra time I can use to start a new post, do some research, or work on a craft pattern.

Time management is a work in progress for me, also multi-tasking and my goal is to do a better job managing my day without stressing over a ton of tasks to do and at the same time feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day. So, are you a good time manager? Got any tips for me?

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