Wearing Colors of Spring

I mentioned in this post, how bad I want Spring to come this year. I'm so thankful that at least it's getting dark around 7:00ish, 4:30 being dark just never seems right! And even though Spring hasn't officially arrived yet, I'm dreaming of the colors I'd like to wear. Green and Turquoise are high on the list. I love lace and ruffles in a dress with a sun hat!

I think yellow as an accent color is terrific for Spring. It's not a color I would wear specifically as my dominate color because it blends too much with my skin complexion. But it works well with carrying a purse with matching sandals.

Of course, I love neutrals! Natural colors like creams, tans, pale yellow are beautiful, elegant, and cool. The dark brown design in the purse and skirt do bring out the neutrals and makes it pop more.

Nothing wrong with red, but again not as a dominate color. Red is one of those strong colors and works best mixed with other colors or as an accent. I like the top having specs of red and the shoes and purse makes it more noticeable.

Spring can't get here fast enough for me! How bout you?