What Kind of Legacy are you Leaving Behind?

Have you ever thought about what impact you want to leave behind? You may not be thinking this if you're a young person, but believe me it's important no matter how old we are. I think of all the quotes in the world that have lived on past the person who said them. Some of them, we don't know who the author was. Words as well as what we do impact other people around us.

This isn't a morbid post, just a reflection on life. I actually didn't start thinking of what I want people to remember about me until I hit my 50s. That's when I realized that the actions I take have long arms and I would hate to leave a life of unfinished business and that I didn't encourage or help anyone. So, I started a short list of what I'd like others to remember about me. This list is in no order of importance:

  1. That I was an encourager. I didn't always think of myself as a naturally positive person. In fact, just the opposite. As I grew in God's grace, I knew I didn't want to be a pessimist. I enjoy laughter and joy and though life gets messy, I like staying as upbeat as possible and I get a lot of joy encouraging others. It's a great feeling on the inside.
  2. That I truly love Jesus. The most important to me is that I lived the life The Lord wanted me to in front of others and alone. It's one thing to act all spiritual in front of my church family, but what about at home when it's me and hubby alone? Or, when I'm out running errands, driving down the street, grocery shopping? How am I acting then? The Lord doesn't like hypocrisy, He'd rather me not represent Him at all then to put on a pretense.
  3. That I had integrity and could be trusted. I've done my share of lying so I sure hope I'm not coming across self-righteous. I am NOT trying to! I need God's grace every second of the day, believe me. I just want to be remembered as someone that would try to do the right thing and whether that be I had to apologize for messing up, that's fine cause the bottom line is I want others to know my true character.
  4. That I had passion for what I did. That goes for working on my day job, co-owning a business with hubby, creative ministries, and crafting. I love staying busy and when I'm on a job or project, if I can't give 100% of my heart to it, I'd just rather not do it at all. 
To leave a good legacy means working at it everyday. I pray that I will reach my goals and fulfill my dreams, but most of all that I leave something invaluable behind.

How would you like to be remembered? Are you leaving a good legacy?