Cross-Crafting Skills

I know you've heard of cross-training in sports. Certain skills translate over to help with other skills for athletes. I've heard of professional tennis players practicing other training sports like boxing, baseball, and even track which helps their coordination, speed, and strength when they play tennis.

The same thing can be done in crafting. I'm going to call it cross-crafting! Not sure if this is a word but you understand what I mean right? As a crocheter and knitter, I find having other skills like sewing necessary. For example, if I make a purse/bag or mobile case and I want to line it. Or, for a knitted piece, I can crochet a shell stitch border around it. I love mixing different crafts together.

So how do other crafts translate over to yarning?

  • Cardmaking. Measuring and paying close attention to detail. This is necessary when crocheting/knitting garments or anything wearable. Also, how I decorate a card is similar to how I would decorate a fabric piece. It takes patience especially if I'm doing embroidery to attach an applique.
  • Sewing machine. As mentioned earlier, creating a lining means hand sewing as well as on the machine. I think being able to sew is just a good skill to have regardless. I'm hoping to do more sewing this Spring.
  • Sketching. I'm a visual learner, so sketching a picture for a pattern I'm working on really helps. It helps me see the end result and use it as a template as I'm crocheting/knitting.

Another cross-crafting skill is art journaling which translates really well to making greeting cards. In fact, I've taken an art journal page and used it as the front part of the card base design. Also, adult coloring can easily be turned into a card or bookmarker. And some of the same supplies are used for both crafts.

It's fun cross-crafting, because I can switch between different projects and I'm not bored just working on one item. Sometimes, I just love filling my desk with art pencils, brushes, stamps, paper and inks and just draw anything. I'm not at all good at it, but it's fun to just play. And, then take a sketch and use it for a new crochet pattern or maybe for a cover design for a book.

The creative possibilities are just endless and it's rewarding being in this industry.