Handling Bad News

Choice. It's my choice how I react to life's troubles. There's plenty of things I can do, for one I can eat. I've done that. And even though it was delicious, it left me bloated, anxious, and empty in the end. So, that's not a good choice when I get bad news.

Feelings I can have: frustration, nervous, confused, hopeful...take your pick. But the more I let my feelings weigh in, especially when I can't do anything to change the situation or outcome, the worse I ended up feeling. I have to force myself to think of something else so I'm not dwelling on the news.

Is there a better way to handle bad news? Absolutely! One sure way that works for me is to minister to somebody else. It gets my mind off myself and allows God to use the gifts He's given me to reach out to another soul. Meanwhile, it frees Him up to work on my situation because my focus isn't on it.

I've heard this preached for years, but I never understood it and honestly I didn't believe it...that is till now. I was feeling like, "but you don't know how bad this is for me", "how I can give out to another person when I need help so badly?" But, this is the sacrifice of praise. And in these low points, it's where God does His best work. At that moment when I chose to put my problems down and focus on someone else, He made me feel better. It's the best medicine for handling bad news.

And God may or may not change the outcome the way I want, but again I need to make the right choice of how I react, because He always knows what He's doing. Oftentimes in my past, the situation didn't immediately change, I did instead. There's a big blessing when we reach out to encourage another person who's also hurting. And, I think that's the best way to handle bad news.