He Is Risen!

It doesn't matter if you believe Jesus rose on Easter day in April or some other time. That's not important...what is important...is that He rose! And thank you Lord! Without His incredible sacrifice, none of us has a chance to live this life with any true happiness or joy. And even in the midst of heavy trials, it is This Lord that will give us the peace and contentment to go through it. Plus, He promised never to leave us (Hebrews 13:5).

What Jesus went through up to his crucifixion was beyond comprehension. The only experience I've had that touches a little bit of how He must have felt as the people He came to save were killing Him was when I worked for a temp agency and I had to let an employee go who worked for me. You can read the story here (read the 2nd story in this post). Anyway, I was accused of being racist and everyone there turned against me. I was alone trying to prove my innocence. In my case, the truth came out and I didn't lose my job. Not so in Jesus' case. He lost His life. But, it was part of His plan!

He had to take our place at the cross because there would be no way we could do it. We are born sinners with no hope of being reconciled to God. And no one was qualified to take on the sins of the whole world except God in the flesh, Jesus Christ. Today, I'm celebrating the rising of my Savior who has helped me countless times. He's given me strength when I needed it the most. He's there in the midnight hour when I'm afraid. He comforts me in the Psalms when I get depressed. He has given me His Holy Spirit so I would have the power to say no to temptations of the flesh. I could go on and on...but most of all, He has NEVER broken a promise to me, turned His back on me, or left me alone to scratch and crawl through this maze of life.

He lives and is alive forevermore! He is the Savior, the Living God, there's no one like Him...He is The Christ, our Lord and soon coming King.

Happy Easter!