How to Decorate a Small Apartment

I've talked about living in a small space before and how challenging decorating it can be. I used to be the one that filled every space with something...that is until I met Ken, my second hubby. He loves open space, room to breathe and he taught me some good lessons.

Living in a small apartment should help prevent me from buying a whole lot of stuff, because there's not enough room, but there have been times that I succumbed to my desires. So, here's some tips I find helpful when working with a small apartment but still keeping that personal touch:

  1. Do I really need it? Does it add value to the space? Two dressers might be too much, but one long one might work better and easier to divide between two people. 
  2. Does the piece coincide with the whole layout? Is it the right color, size, and shape? Furniture should look like they go together even if they are bought from different places.
  3. Maximize the space. The way the furniture is arranged can actually make the room look larger. I played around with different looks until we found what worked for us but still allows us room to move around.
  4. Keep the foliage to a minimum. I love silk plants but in a small space, one large floor plant placed in the corner in front a full length mirror actually makes the room look larger, but gives it a unique look too. Another way to have some plants is getting baskets of flowers/plants that can sit on top of cabinets. 
  5. Measuring ahead of time. So important! And it seems easy to remember this, but I can't tell you how many times I went to the furniture store looking for a chair to find one that I like but had no idea if it was going to fit in the space. So, thoroughly measure the space in your home first and write them down. Then, bring your measuring tape with you to the store in case you need it.
I was looking through some photos on the web to share some good ideas for decorating, so check these out:

This space though small has some real character. I love the hardwood floors and the light color. In a small space, it's important to get in as much light as possible so it doesn't feel cramped. And, since the kitchen and dining area are sharing the space, I like how the modern breakfast bar is used as a table in addition to the small dining table next to it. I also like how the outdoor light is coming right through. The artwork is the perfect way and size to put on that wall space. It doesn't clash with the space either. Neat way to bring the flat screen TV in too. Personally, I don't want a TV in my kitchen/dining room, but it's not in the way in this space. 

Tiny bathroom here but the color and minimal decoration gives it a personal touch. Not sure if this is a 1/2 or 1/4 bath, but it's nicely done.

I love round tables and in a small space, you can't always fit a large oblong shaped table so one like this is perfect. I like the dark color and the high back on the chairs. Adding the bouquet of yellow and white flowers really makes this table pop!

I also looked on Pinterest for ideas of how to decorate a small space to inspire you if you're living in a dorm, apartment or if you have a small room in your home and you're not sure how to design it. Click on any of the pins below to go to their website for more information!

Hope you get some great decorating tips from any of these pins and you might even get inspired if you don't live in a small space! Have fun!!!

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