I'm Not Obsessing over my Looks Anymore

I once was obsessed with looking good in my twenties. I spent countless hours in the mirror primping and prodding. It was a no-no to be seen outside without any makeup on and every hair had to be in place. Oh what stress that was and the pressure to measure up...to what?

I'm in my fifties now and it's a different world. I don't know why it takes so long to figure out that a lot of things we kill ourselves over is really vanity. I guess it takes this long to really chill out!

It doesn't mean I'm not concerned with wrinkles, gray hair, sagging 'you know what', dry skin, and weak bones...I do care about how I look. I'm just not as concerned as I used to be. What I'm learning from The Lord is that He's seeking that inner beauty. And no make-up or beauty treatment in the world can hide inner ugliness.

I still seek out items to help with my skin and I certainly love to dress up and play with different hair styles, but it's like fun now rather than a routine. I love my wardrobe, I don't miss those hours in the mirror and if a pimple pops up on my nose, I don't freak out anymore!

The difference is outer beauty isn't my idol or biggest priority. I rather time improving my weaknesses: impatience, frustration, fears, selfishness, control issues, and my bad attitude, lol! As I seek to please The Lord every day, I know He wants to see the fruits of the Holy Spirit coming out through me. He's transforming my heart so that people see His qualities in me.

Hmmm... if I reach my sixties, I wonder what I will learn then?! Maybe how to be more laid back.

photos courtesy of pexels.com