My 5 Pinterest Goals

I use Instagram a lot more lately for promoting my blog posts and I'm really liking it, BUT... I also use Pinterest a LOT too...for pinning, but not promoting. I somehow didn't make the connection that Pinterest could be used that way.

A couple of blogs I follow have mentioned several times in their articles that Pinterest should be used for blog promotion. One blogger said her readership increased dramatically when she started promoting on Pinterest. Guess it's time for me to step up my game! I'll need to give this campaign some time to see if I see an increase in readership so I decided to start it for April.

The first thing to promoting on Pinterest is making really good pins. The graphic images used need to be large, vertical, and have really good photos. I'll share a couple that I made later in this post so you can see them.

There's already a lot I do with my blog but one month of producing pins and promoting them shouldn't overwhelm me. With that, I came up with 5 realistic goals:

  1. Create good quality pins for every post in April and create an alert every night when to upload to Pinterest.
  2. Write a good description of each pin when I publish them to my Pinterest board.
  3. Check my stats daily as I get a report of who is saving my pins to see if my board and pins are gaining interest.
  4. Pin, comment, and save relevant imagery for more engagement.
  5. Analyze my blog traffic through Pinterest at the end of the month and compare that to the beginning of April to see if there's an increase.
Everyone uses specific social medias more than others and it's possible someone can find my blog ONLY because they saw me pin a post. After I analyze April's statistics, I'll figure out how to proceed with May and so forth. It may take more than one month to really see growth.

Here's a couple of pins I've already done that are on my board. I love making these because I can be as creative as I like and the photos are already on the blog so all I have to do is size them correctly for a 600" x 900" pixels.


Follow my board if you like to go on this journey with me!