My April Goals (so far)

I like to set goals for myself and plan everything from my weekly wardrobe to my daily to-dos. I must be weird but I like analyzing my growth and seeing improvements month to month. Not everyone is like me in this regard, but I do believe having goals is important. It keeps us reaching higher and gives us something to look forward to. I also like rewarding myself when I reach a really big goal like I might treat myself to my favorite dessert. Little rewards help me stay focused and on track.

I wasn't able to finish as much as I liked last month, but I have to admit I didn't spend a lot of time in my planner. I was focused on other stuff but yesterday I sat down with planner to map out some goals this month, most of which are blog-related. I've already begun implementing some of them so I'm super excited!

  1. New blog direction. I was getting stale looking at my blog layout. Oh I love the design, but my aim is that it's easy to find specific articles, fast loading, and functional. Also, I have other pages that are not getting clicked on because they're not advertised on the front page. My Instagram feed was at the very bottom and practically invisible so I moved it to the very top and I love the look and since I spend a lot more time posting, the feed gets updated daily. 
  2. Social. I'm working on Pinterest and how to implement it more. I had to go back to their official widget code, because the one that came with this theme suddenly stopped working. I tweaked it a bit and put it just below the posts. What I haven't been doing is creating pins that link back to my blog (shame on me!) I've been reading a lot about how to increase blog traffic with Pinterest. I just have to make the time to create vertical pins and stick to a regular schedule.
  3. Improve blog content. This is an ongoing task. I do a lot of research and reading for inspiration. I also like to take some quiet time with my journal and just write down some ideas. My goal here is that I write about topics of interest and hopefully gain more readers.
  4. Better monthly newsletter. I feel like this is a really weak area, the last newsletter I put out seemed to "selly" (not a word), and when I went back to take a look at it, it kinda turned me off. I know how I dislike receiving an email newsletter that's more like a sales letter. So, I want to change that even if I talk about just one pattern I'm working on and that's it. 
  5. Shop page. The front page needs a re-work as I want to put a featured products list + more announcements. I know I need to advertise this site more on social. Selling myself isn't a strong suit.
  6. Use my planner more. I love my Happy Planner, but in the past couple of months I'd gotten away from writing in it everyday. Just lazy I guess...but yesterday when I was listing my April goals and putting different stickers in it, I fell in love with it all over again.

My personal goals:

  1. Get outside more. I have a tendency of being a home body too much. Exercise on a regular basis is what I need.
  2. Drink more water. I recently got a tip from a lady that suggested I try lime in my water to give me more of a desire for it.
  3. Take better care of my skin. I have really extra, extra dry skin so I constantly have to moisturize it. I'm looking for more ways to combat it.
  4. Get more sleep. I've been going to bed sooner so just need to keep that up!

I'm excited to see how I do and hopefully by next month, I'll have reached all my goals this month!