Photos I Like for Blogging

I've been asked a few times about the photos on the blog and so I thought I'd write a post about the kinds of pictures I look for and why I like them.

It took me a long time to decide how I wanted my blog to look...lots of research and playing around. Finally, I found out that I really like clean, neutral colors best. I talk about why I wanted a pretty blog in this post here.

What I Look For in a Photo

My husband always tells me that in photography, light is everything. I like natural light best, however we all don't have that luxury and that's where having good photo equipment comes into play.

In my case, I'm definitely not the photographer in the family so I purchase a LOT of the pictures you see here. Others are free with attribution or because I've signed up with the photographer/blogger to receive free pictures. I'm not going to touch on copyright in this post, but if you're interested in some of the places I find photos, read this post.

I was mentioning how I like neutral colors, that would be of course whites, rose gold, pinks, light pastels, light tan, or black and white. Here's a few pics below from previous posts.

Category: business, style

When I post in my style or business section, I look for top view pictures of beauty, fashion, and other items used for blogging or writing. I like how these items are nicely placed. the tablet also allows me to add an optional text message in a nice font. 

This is a great photo that encompasses beauty, technology, and blogging plus it's PINK!
This picture has a woman's hand writing on a tablet which is what I do a LOT! But I love the jewelry and flowers, cup of coffee and the laptop.
I also like this picture for business because you have the technology but also the cup coffee, tablet, pen and pins to hang up an important note. Even though everything in this photo is white in color, it's not boring because of the way the items are placed in angles which makes it an interesting pose.

Category: Fashion, Beauty

One of my favorite purchased photos ~ I love the marble background and it really makes this photo pop. The black heels in the corner pulls my eyes right to it and the gold mixed in on the scissors and glasses makes this a classy photo.
Fashion and beauty magazines stacked with a few beauty products are a great way to promote a fashion or lifestyle blog. Plus, I like the white backdrop against the dark beauty bag.
Playing around with angles makes this photo interesting and fun!

Category: Food

Top views are so popular and a great way to showcase the point of interest which in this case are the two pies. I really like this picture was taken.
I'm in LOVE with this antique cup and saucer! I'm almost paying more attention to it than the dessert inside it! But that's what's so amazing about product photography, choosing the right props.
Wonderful way to bring attention to these food ingredients. This clean look is what I go for.

Category: Imprinting Text

I played around with fonts to make the text stand out in these images!

Category: Crafting

I like the playfulness of the yarn balls being poured out of the white basket on the rug.
This interesting angle of a sewing machine presser foot and accessories is what got my attention and why I purchased this picture.
I not only love how this crochet beaded necklace was photographed but I wanted to make it as well which was why I found a pattern for it! I enjoy playing around with beads. This picture evoked an emotion from me that caused me to act and that's how you know an image is successful.

Part of my job is to find the best photos I can, because I also use them on social. It's the branding I'm after as well as having a visually-pleasing blog. :)