PINS I Love: What's for Dessert? Pizza!

Pizza is an absolute favorite of mine and I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! And it is so versatile with regards to toppings, so why not for dessert too? Check out these yummy recipes I hand picked from Pinterest to share with you! I hope you try one or all of them! Click on any of the pins to go to their websites for the recipes!

Cinnamon and dough go together like peanut and butter! Now, this recipe calls for making the dough from scratch, but if you're short on time, I bet you can take a short cut with ready made pizza dough. Most grocery stores sell it or if you could try your local pizza place.

Oh my my! Now I love s'mores and in a pizza?! Oh too good! I think this would be a show stopper at a potluck dinner!

Chocolate chips on a pizza is a dish made from Heaven! It's like a giant choco chip oooey gooey cookie in my mouth!

Apple pie on a pizza! Does it get any better than this? This recipe serves 2 so perfect for a date night right?! I'm trying this one!

Can't skip the fruit dessert! This one is great to get the healthy and sweet tooth taken care of it one dish!

Do let me know if you try any of these recipes and tell me how it came out!