When We Get a Home...

Hubby and I have a big dream to own a home, neither of us have ever had one, we both have lived in apartments all of our adult life. Over these past years living in Oregon, we've been working on improving our credit scores, income, and paying off old debts. It's a hard journey, but finally we're making progress, I'm so glad.

In the meantime, I'm collecting pictures of home design and today I'm sharing some of my ideas with you. It's exciting thinking of how to decorate the different rooms and I'm really glad hubby and I have similar tastes in color and furniture.

We both need rooms to have our home offices and for me, I want my neutral colors with plenty of space enough for a couch for relaxing. Of course I also need room for some garment racks for my outfits and my hat shelves!

I really like the gray carpet next to the black dresser and light gray walls. It gives this bedroom a coolness. I'm not sure hubby would like the black dresser, but I'm saving this pic just in case!

I have a thing for larger windows and high ceilings. One of my prayers is that we can find a home with a lot of openness like this living room.

Here's another pic with large windows, a more modern open plan and perfect for natural light to get in for taking photos which I need. Hubby loves open space like this. It's perfect for entertaining. In our tiny apartment, there's just no space for having friends over. We really want our home to be a place opened to having guests over.

Quite a unique couch and the reason I saved this photo + I like the turquoise pillows. I also really like the chandelier, the only thing I'm not digging is the carpet. I'm struggling between hard wood floors with a large rug or carpet.

Oh my goodness! What a bathroom design! I love the walls, the mirror, the marble, and the floors! It's definitely a unique design.

Another cool bathroom design. Like the large cabinets, I don't think it's a big room though, at least from the angle of the picture. Seems the tub is too close to the toilet. High ceilings are nice to have the artwork on the walls. I also like the lighting.

I really like that marble tile, plus it's the island of my dreams! The blue chairs adds a nice pop of color to all the white in this kitchen. I also want those hard wood floors!

This kitchen combines the white with the dark wood. I think the only drawback is that the cabinets are not where the island is. I prefer to have the cabinets near my island and stove. There could be other cabinets behind but from the picture you don't know. The hard wood floors are a nice choco color!

I saved the best for last! This is my DREAM kitchen! I love everything about it, all except the stools... haa haa! I would really like to have high chairs with back support and arms. But wow! I love the floors, the island with shelves, the granite design, and the lighting! It has the perfect blend of dark and light together. The last thing that I love is the verse on the wall, "Be Still and Know... (that I am God") from Psalm 46:10. I definitely want a scripture on the walls of our home.

It was a lot of fun putting together this post cause I feel like it's an interior design photo album and I'm making mental notes of what I like, don't like, and ideas I can put our touch on. If you think of me and hubby in your quiet time, we appreciate your prayers that we can afford and get the home we desire and desperately need. Thank you for reading!

photos in the post courtesy of pexels.com & pixabay.com