Do You Forgive Yourself Easily?

Why are we so hard on ourselves? We brood over our mistakes so long and push God away or we internalize our disappointment and shut everybody out. Either way, forgiving ourselves is just as important if not more than forgiving others.

The thing is, God knew before He made a way for us to have relationship with Him through Jesus that we would not do everything or anything perfect. He knew about our shortcomings and weaknesses. It doesn't catch God by surprise when we goof up! I'm not suggesting to go out and live like the devil and expect God to grace us, I'm speaking to a genuine desire to please Him and a genuine disappointment when we don't. But remember this... He always waiting for us to come to Him for help. And, He always willing to help.

One of my shortcomings is forgiving myself. I don't much like making mistakes especially when it affects another person. I feel ashamed of myself and even after correcting the mistake, I still have to analyze it to death! But, all God wants is for me to do is (a) accept my mistake, (b) learn from it, (c) repent of it, (d) forgive myself, and (e) move on. He won't hold it against me nor will He get mad and throw me under the bus every time I fail.

God's grace is so amazing in that while we struggle, crawl, scrape and scrub to live for Him as best we can, He doesn't hold us to a standard we can't possibly meet. He always equip us and if we stumble along the way. The worst thing we can do is pull away. We have to bring our failures to The Lord because His forgiveness coupled with our forgiveness brings healing as well as spiritual growth.

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  1. AMEN! Self condemnation is the enemies territory! It's by God's amazing grace that we can move of his territory!