My Take on a Mother's Day that's Never Easy

Every year that Mother's Day comes round, I never know what to write. There's been times when I've wanted to skip writing it altogether but I can't. My dear mother has long been gone and I will always miss her. But rather than dedicate the entire post to her (which mind you I could do easily), I thought I'd would take a different approach.

No mother is perfect and there's no instruction manual that comes with a baby. Perhaps you never knew your birth mother or maybe she was there in body but not in spirit. Maybe she abused you physically or worse. Not everyone can celebrate Mother's Day, but regardless your experience...this woman gave birth to you and for that she should get your respect. You may have had to forgive her a million times over. It could be that you wanted her to be a friend and she just couldn't play that role.

Mothers and daughters have tumultuous relationships at times. I couldn't live with my mother, I had to have my own place. Her way of running a house was very different from mine. One year, when I was visiting her, I actually shortened my trip and went back to Florida. That happens sometimes.

Maybe you made the same mistakes with your children that your mother made with you and you promised you'd never make. It may be too late to tell your mother that you appreciate what she tried to do. There are times when you have to push on when you can't go back and fix it.

But, whatever position you're in on this Mother's Day... think of something positive, even if it's that you survived and you're alive today. I was blessed that before my mom died, we got it right and became best friends. She made a lot of mistakes with me, but then so did I with her. There's time for retrospection and if your mother is still alive, then it's not too late to say, "thank you Mom".

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