What's a Blogger's Life Like?

In my case, I work on my blog part of the time which is usually in the late evenings. Full time bloggers of course can spend much more time writing, promoting, going to meetings, and creating content. This blogger has a full time day job!

I love to write and create. My blog as an open canvas just waiting for something artistic. How I spend time on it varies from week to week. On an average day, I spend a lot of time drafting up topic ideas. I try to write down at least two ideas. From there, I'll draft a post that I may or may not finish right away. I've been known to write an entire post in 5 minutes while other times it took a day.

Picture taking...

This is where the fun is! It's a challenge for me to take my own photos, but I do like a challenge and it's in the practice where you get better. The light kit I got sure is making the job easier.

Writing the post...

As I said, sometimes the words are tough coming but other times, they just flow out and in a matter of minutes I have the post done. That's just the way it works. But when I get to the end, I always have this feeling of satisfaction.


This is an area I'm improving. I do the normal posting on social after each blog post publishes, but I haven't been as diligent in marketing the blog on social and other avenues. One of the main reasons I bought the light kit was to step up my game on Instagram. Also, there are blog directories to get into that I will need to take some time to research.


I like checking my traffic numbers daily, weekly, and monthly. Knowing what posts have had the most traffic interests me as well as information like where my visitors are from, what device they used to find me, keywords they used to find my blog...all that is so exciting to me.

Maintenance, design improvements...

This is an ongoing task and honestly I love it because I need change every now and again. I get bored easily looking at the same thing day in and out. I pay attention to industry style changes, technological enhancements, new apps, as well as where the trends are leaning towards. I don't follow every fad, I take inspiration and then try to put my own twist on it. The key is to always improve.

The blogger's life is busy, exciting, tedious, and requires a lot of commitment. But at the end of the day, it's a cool job!


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