Why Being out in Nature is so Good for You

Way before moving to the Oregon coast, I loved going out into nature. When I worked downtown, I enjoyed walking in the park across the street. I also walked on the boardwalk next to the river, and occasionally drove 45 minutes to walk on the white sands of the Atlantic beach. There was always something about being out in nature that cleared my head.

Some of us aren't easily accessible to mountains and rocks to climb or trails to walk miles on, but wherever you are, just walking in a nearby park is a huge help for your mental and emotional health. Because plants give off what we humans need and vice versa, we need each other. It's a chance to get outside and focus on something other than problems, deadlines, meetings, the busyiness of life.

I remember, when I was living in Florida, whenever I had to make a big decision, I would go to the boardwalk and sit on the benches overlooking the river. Somehow, things seemed not so bad there. I believe it was because I got outside and away the house. It felt good to feel the breeze blowing, to hear the birds chirping and sometimes I even brought bread crumbs to feed them. It was fun watching them fight over the bread!

I'm sure there's probably studies that show getting out into nature improves one's health...I don't know about any statistics...I just know what being out in nature does for me. And I don't think I've ever heard anyone say they were worse off for being outside. It decreases my stress level, allows my mind to rest, and just makes me feel good all over.

photo courtesy of pixabay.com