Shifting Gears a Bit

Sorry that I haven't been posting lately, it's for a very good reason. I needed to step up my game with our photo business. With me divided between my day job, blogging, and crafting, there was little time to devote to it. And, what's more my heart was being pulled more away from what really matters and that wasn't good.

I love being part of hubby's business, he works tirelessly to make it work but it was hard for him to find a place where I could have a real role and ownership of it. We had several meetings to discuss it. I came to the point where I felt I've done all I can do with this blog and my attentions needed to shift. I'm not saying I won't ever post again...not at all. I just won't be writing and posting daily or weekly as I was before. I'll publish when I get inspired about a topic that I want to share.

My time now is being spent on my new role that hubby gave me over a lunch meeting. I'm the sales & marketing director. My main function is to increase website sales and awareness. My other responsibilities include:

  1. Website design, content management, and tech support
  2. Writing and publishing our monthly newsletter
  3. Handling SEO to increase our search engine rankings
  4. Research new technologies that will help market our products
  5. Help hubby with administrative tasks
I've already made some significant updates to the website and published our first newsletter. I'm spending time reading to keep up with new industry standards that will affect us and I have to tell you that the work is more rewarding than I thought. I finally feel part of a team and not just someone who knows tech stuff. My opinions and ideas are valued. Hubby really listens to me and ultimately he has to make the final call but it feels good to know I add value to our team.

When you get a chance, visit us at You can also subscribe to our newsletter from his website. Thanks for following me on this wonderful journey. I won't lose touch with you. You can still find me on Facebook and Instagram. And lastly, check out Flavors of Delight! It's all about sharing delicious food photos, not a lot of writing and recipes aren't necessary. Think of it as a catalog of mouthwatering meal ideas!
God bless you!


  1. May God bless whatever you put your hands on. Always moving forward, dwelling in His presence! You are blooming!

    1. Thank you lady, we always have to move forward in God's will and we are blessed when we obey and surrender to His will for us.