I'm Selling Locally!

I remember for a long time how badly I wanted to create with my own hands. I'd spent many years creating on the computer through graphic and web design, but there's something extra special about touching the thing you make.

When we moved to Oregon, I still wasn't sure what my giftings would be. I knew how to crochet but I hadn't done anything for years. When I re-discovered this craft, I knew I was onto something special and different than all the shawls I had made before. From making hats and scarves, I progressed to accessories and home decor. Now, I'm learning garment making. It's the most fulfilling experience of my life as a creator.

My fabric arts display rack at Florence Regional Arts Alliance in Florence Oregon.

The whole thing about selling my fabric arts at the Arts Center stemmed from a casual conversation and I had no inkling that I would ever sell my works anywhere. Hubby is successful here and I wasn't sure I would rain on his parade but he is so supportive! He didn't mind at all with me displaying my items too.

The pricing is competitive with all items at $25. The center takes a commission on my sales which helps them so it's a win-win combination. I'm just so excited, I'm beyond words and I've already sold 2 pieces and I've only been there 2 weeks! I've got ideas for more designs too :)

If you're in the area or visiting, visit Florence Regional Arts Alliance (FRAA)
at:120 Maple Street, Florence, OR 97439