Hearing from God and Knowing His Voice

I can hear my friends' voices, I can hear hubby's voice, I can hear a stranger's voice, I can even hear my own voice, why can't I always hear God's? There's a very good reason for this...most of the time because I'm not really listening. I'm wanting things my way and unwilling to let God have His way. Why? Cause I'm not really sure I want or will like the way He chooses to answer. I'm too busy listening to other opinions that my mind gets muffled instead of being calm.

I've been walking with Jesus a long time and still I have trust issues. It's because I understand His nature. He thinks differently than me. I want answers NOW...He says, "wait". I need deliverance and vindication, He says, "trust me". I want to be happy, He says, "the joy of The Lord is your strength". I'm weak and flawed, He's perfect. How can I understand Him when I think in terms of time and He's endless?!

There is a sure way of recognizing when it's Him talking and no one else and that's when I'm totally in tune with Him willing and surrendering my own will and way of doing things. And the bottom line is, I do want Him to handle my life. I, obviously, cannot understand this world past the distance I could throw a house, so why not allow God to talk to me? No, while He has a different way of handling things, He has never, ever let me down. We ask why He allows such devastation in the world and we may not be able to answer that question, but because He is sovereign we have to know there is a very good reason. We don't serve a sadistic God.

I don't believe it's hard to hear from God and as John 10:27 says, we are His sheep and we hear His voice. We just have to eliminate everybody else's voice and listen only to what He's saying. Chances are, the very thing we dread happening rarely does. God knows how to come through for us in everything.