Do You Too Have Trouble Finishing What You Start?

One of my all time bad habits is starting some great idea or project and mid-way through, I give it up. Sometimes, it's been years later when I find some unfinished scarf I was crocheting or some blog design I had begun. I have no idea why this happens to me. I get such great ideas but a lot of the time I don't follow through. Is that you too?

And lately, I've been frogging my knitting too. I see a pattern, like it, decide to make it, get 1/3 through and decide I don't like it and I rip it out. Sometimes, my blog posts remain in draft mode for days! I wonder if I'm the only creator that goes through this! Thing is, I'm looking for perfection and that just ain't gonna happen! My expectations are too high and I'm not giving myself enough time to see the finish of my efforts.

Anything worth having is worth working for I believe. Sometimes other things factor in why we give up, these are some of the main reasons for me:

  1. It's too hard. Sometimes what we're trying to achieve is too hard. This may mean it's above our capabilities, experience, and education. In which case, if it's something I really want to do, then I'll need to take time to learn it. Case in point: WordPress. I knew I wanted to transition my web design to WP but it required intensive learning. I spent six full months to teach myself. Glad I did, because I was able to sustain a living designing WP websites later on.
  2. More work and time is needed. You just don't always know what's involved in a project until you get knee deep into it. And it's overwhelming...enough to quit and give up! I would recommend taking a step back and re-examine. Maybe there's a work-a-round that will get the job done but won't require a lot more extra work.
  3. Lose interest. If this is the case, it may be that what you started wasn't a good idea or maybe the timing isn't right. Put it aside and think about it later. Maybe after some time has past, you'll get a better idea that's actually more suitable. 
It's not always a bad thing to stop and start over, in stitching...the yarn may not be right for the pattern or the hook size maybe too small or too large. Sometimes the pattern is tricky and complicated. The thing I try not to do is tell myself that I'm incapable of finishing anything. That's a place we shouldn't park at. I believe sometimes we're just plain burned out and we need time away from everything. Hubby and I are talking about a Christmas getaway. I'm looking forward to that. If you can relate to the starting, stopping syndrome, then join me that we won't get upset and give ourselves a break to rewind and re-set. There are times, when that's all that's needed.