It's Time to Make Scarves

Crochet Scarves

I absolutely when the Fall comes so that I have a reason to make scarves! This post is about using the patterns in Leisure Arts magazines. So, it contains affiliate links that if you purchase, you'll be helping me run this blog.

I've been a fan of Leisure Arts for awhile and Iove the way they write their pattern books. They always come with beautiful photos for each pattern.

"Mirror Image Scarves" is an eBook containing eight different patterns that call for worsted weight to super bulky yarns. I didn't understand the term "mirror image" so I researched it and how it's achieved by crocheting half of each scarf at a time, working along opposite sides of the foundation chain thereby the pattern is mirrored on both sides. This eBook is just $5.99.

Crochet Textured Super Scarves

Super scarves are such a big hit and I had so much fun last year making them. These oversized scarves make you feel like you're wrapped in a warm blanket. There are so many ways to make them, they're completely customizable for anyone's height and really how many times you want to wrap the scarf around when you wear it.

This eBook is $3.99 and comes with four different designs using medium to bulky yarns. I really like that these are downloadable products so once you purchase, you'll have instant access to each eBook.

This post was written with my own recommendations. I am not an employee of Leisure Arts nor is this post is sponsored.