My Two Latest Handmade Birthday Cards

Scrapbook kits make the best greeting cards when you need a fast gift yet you want it to be creative and have that "hand crafted" feel to it. I make cards sometimes where I'm working with a blank slate and design it from scratch. But, mosttimes I need a head start so I purchase scrapbook papers and kits. The two cards in this post started with greeting card packs I bought from Joann's. I used scrapbook papers to make decorations on top and had fun with other embellishments!

I've seen some really exquisite greeting card designs with intricate details and I so admire designers who make them, but for me I want the card to be simple, cute, and easy to make. If there's too much detail, I kinda get lost. And, I never assume the person will keep the card for years...I figure they'll read it and admire it for a few days and then throw it away. After all, I think it's safe to say that we don't want to accumulate a large clutter of paperwork. I'm trying to get rid of mine!!

I took some cardstock paper (110 lbs), cut it down and laid it on top of the card base. Then I had fun with stickers: birthday cake, banner, and of course the letters. I took a white pencil to draw the border lines.

I really had a lot of fun with the scrapbook paper on this card. I cut four strips with different designs and then cut them to make them at different lengths and overlapped them on top of the card base. Then I cut another strip to go across and topped them with white flat pearls. And lastly, I added the 3D birthday wishes sticker on top to finish it off!

I also decided to purchase the "Simple Stories 7300 Classic Christmas Collection" kit from Amazon cause I wanted to make all our Christmas cards this year by hand.

This kit comes with:

(2) 12x12 cardstock sticker sheets
(8) 12x12 double-sided cardstock sheets, 3 with foil and
(4) 12x12 double-sided cardstock element sheets, 2 with foil.

With this one kit, I was able to make 16 Christmas cards! WOW! This saved me some money buying boxes of assorted cards + each card I made is different and I think it's just special to receive something handmade especially for you. 

And, you don't have to be super creative to make your own greeting cards. Pinterest is a huge help for inspiration as well as YouTube. I use them both. One of the things I decided to do in going minimalist was saving money where I could. One way was to have a box of handmade assorted cards for any occasion. It not only saves us money but time to travel to pick up a card. So, whenever we need to give a card to someone, we can just go to my box and pick one out, mail it off, and poof, done!

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