50 Things I've Learned in 2017

Everyday is a learning curve and certainly by the end of the year my list grows. So here's what I've learned this year:

  1. My mom was right about a lot of things.
  2. I still work as hard as I did 15 years ago.
  3. Stress is a killer.
  4. I can choose what news I want to read.
  5. There's nothing wrong with good etiquette.
  6. The Bible is still the best book ever written.
  7. My hubby is a hard working man, but he has the heart of a kitten.
  8. I don't miss watching T.V. shows.
  9. Good, sincere friends are a necessity.
  10. I still love a good hearty meal.
  11. There's always something to be thankful for.
  12. I've converted to wearing stacked heels.
  13. My love for crochet and knitting grows and grows.
  14. I don't have the same physical energy and motivation but there's nothing wrong with my mind!
  15. Frowning and laughing are both infectious.
  16. God has a purpose for everything even when we don't get it.
  17. Washi tape can cover a multitude of sins.
  18. Making with my hands is one of the best medicines for anxiety.
  19. I find myself zoning out a lot.
  20. I can't do it all in one day.
  21. Some people can't be helped no matter what you do.
  22. Breathe.
  23. I've come too far to turn back now.
  24. I'll never have enough yarn!
  25. I could live off the grid if I could bring my iPad.
  26. I can have flowers in my house as long as they're silk.
  27. I'm allowed to call myself an artist.
  28. Miracles happen when I'm about to give up.
  29. I'll always love blogging even if just for myself.
  30. Where God guides, He provides.
  31. I don't have to wear eyeliner anymore.
  32. Dressing up is not only fun, it's in my blood.
  33. I don't have to make perfect, just do my best.
  34. I can live without sugar and sweets.
  35. I don't need 300 pairs of shoes to be stylish.
  36. Everything and everyone changes, God doesn't.
  37. Christ is the center of my heart and more and more I pray.
  38. I like big needles, hooks and chunky yarns.
  39. Not having anywhere to go for Christmas isn't a bad thing.
  40. I think better at night.
  41. Crafting at the ocean is therapeutic.
  42. There's nothing wrong with smiling at strangers.
  43. I still love to watch golf tournaments.
  44. I wouldn't have been a good mother.
  45. I'd love to have a pair of over the knee socks.
  46. Everything keeps getting more expensive.
  47. It's important to know how well our business is doing.
  48. Trying to qualify for a house is harder than I thought.
  49. Tried other Covergirl lip gloss colors and Lipslicks #220 red looks the best on me; and...
  50. I still have a lot more to learn.

Enjoyed my list?! Which one was your fav?
photo courtesy of pexels.com