Finishing up Old Projects

It's time to finish some old projects! Reality hit me in the face the other day as I was cleaning up and found several projects still on the hooks and needles that I hadn't finished yet.

Somehow they gotten buried under a bunch of stuff and I had forgotten about them. Does that ever happen to you? I made my mind up to finish them before starting on a new project. Happy to say last night, I finished a beautiful green prayer shawl for church. Today, I'm determined to finish a scarf that I think I put down a month ago! Why does that happen?

I've got a few possible answers and I'm speaking for myself:

  1. I look at a pattern and think I will like it but as I get into the project, I find I don't like it or it becomes too complicated.
  2. It's taking longer than I anticipated.
  3. I get bored or sidetracked. 
  4. I see another pattern that interests me more and I want to start that.
Unfortunately, sometimes starting and stopping can't be avoided. But, I've got to decide not to have projects hanging on needles/hooks for months and months. Give myself a timeline, a reasonable timeline, to complete the project. If it's taking longer to make, but I'm enjoying it and really want to make it, then keep going. If not, frog it or re-purpose it. For example, one time I was making a super scarf but it was taking way longer and I wasn't in it for the long haul so I instead turned it into a nice cowl. It was lovely and I didn't feel defeated cause I did finish making something.

As creators, we want to make so many things but we have to be realistic. We've got busy lives and other obligations so that means putting patterns aside to attempt to do later. You should see the list of patterns I've saved on my computer. I may never get to most of them, but I stay inspired. And it does feel good to finish.

How many projects you got going right now?

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    1. hee heee!!!! Nice to know I'm not the only one with several projects going simultaneously!