Inspiring Homespaces: The Best Colors on Pinterest

December 21, 2017

I love neutral colors and I remember a time when I didn't. I used to hate the white walls in apartments and oftentimes I'd cover it up with wallpaper or paint. Times have sure changed. I love clean, minimalist colors now. 

I've watched a lot home and work-at-home tours on YouTube, but I also look for decorating and designing ideas on Pinterest. This post I'm dedicating to some really nice designs I've seen lately and saved them to my board: Inspiring Work/Homespaces. Follow my board as well!

How lovely is this kitchen? It's too girly for hubby, but I love it!

There's nothing better than a comfortable, warm, snuggly bed. And I love a throw over it and lots of pillows. This color combo is just dreamy to me.

Here's another bedroom design that I like a lot especially that knitted throw. I'd love to get my hot little hands on that kind of roving yarn to make a throw for our bed.

Beautiful living room design, I love long curtains. Really cool to see the color palette used to design this space too. Gives me ideas!

I just love love this bedroom shabby chic design. I could see this being a beauty room from right out of the 1800s!

Another dreamy design! I couldn't let this post go without showing some pink, right? Wonder if my hubby would let me have the pink throw and pillow! LOL!

What's your favorite color palette?

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