It Was Time to Rest

Today, I needed to get away...away from work, obligations, to-do lists, everything. We all have days like this. So, after running a business errand this morning, hubby came back home to go back to work while I went to the river. I spent about 2 or 3 hours there praying. I used to have an outlet to go alone and pray but I don't anymore.

My truck was the only vehicle there and it felt good to pour out my heart to God without worrying someone would hear and misunderstand (read the story of Hannah's silent prayer and how Samuel misunderstood; 1 Samuel 1:9-18).  It was what I needed. A reset. And when I got back home, I felt so much better.

Sometimes it's hard to explain to others what self-employment is like. Just because we operate on our own time doesn't mean that we're easily available. I have a contract with my day job where I'm required to work 25 - 32 hours a week. If I don't make my minimum, I lose $$$ bottom line. I'm still considered self-employed even with a contract client because they don't pay me for vacation, sick time, or health insurance. There's no benefits that come with this so I must be a good steward of my time. That said, it's easy, really easy, to overwork between this job, helping hubby run the photo business and my crafting sales. I've burned out many times. And I ain't gettin' no younger! (excuse my slang! LOL)

So, I was thinking when I wrote this post, that hubby and I will have to schedule more time off next year. I'm talking like weekend getaways so that we can get in a couple extra days. Rest is so important to staying physically and mentally healthy. Even God took a rest on the 7th day from creating the earth, not because He was tired but, because He thought it to be a good idea to rest and enjoy what He had created. For us, our bodies wear out, our minds get tired and we must reload.

I love living on the coast near the ocean, the river, and the jetty to do bird and waves watching. It's what I needed today. Being near the water is both calming and soothing. Thank you Lord for creating nature. Rest at night is essential and time away from being an adult is equally important!

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