That Christmas Afterglow

It's funny how things change when we grow up. My memories of Christmas as a child was always mom, my lil brother and me sitting by our Christmas tree opening presents, eating a pancake breakfast and enjoying a festive dinner together. It was just the three of us and we didn't have much money, but my mom did an excellent job of making it special. I didn't grow up in a Christian home so there wasn't much about Jesus being mentioned. That would come years later. But my point is I remember how my mother decorated our apartment. Lights in the window with fake snow, garland around the mantle, a huge tree in the corner. She loved this time of year.

I enjoyed helping her decorate, I loved throwing the icicles on the tree and placing the balls on it. We watched Christmas movies. It was a winter wonderland in our place. Even when I moved out on my own, I kept that tradition with me.

Many years later, I still like to do a little decorating but not as much and I don't do all the cooking I used to either. In fact, hubby and I spent the day out in nature eating sandwiches and chips Christmas Day. Nevertheless, God was with us and orchestrated everything that happened that day. We were awakened to this golden light from the sky that was just majestic. We went to river and then decided to take a walk. As we walked we were greeted by a rainbow. I heard The Lord speak to my heart, "I have not forgotten my promise." Now, I know the Bible says the rainbow is God's promise not to destroy the earth by flood again, but this time He was saying something more than that.

Hubby tried to capture it on his smartphone, no professional shooting today! The Lord is so good though because we can hear a scripture for years but it can take on a whole different meaning in our lives at a time we need to hear from Him most. The rest of the day was spent together talking, planning, and praying. That evening as we were eating by the river, I looked up and saw another rainbow! We were amazed, it was in a different location than the morning one. Then we both heard The Lord speak to us to say again, "I do NOT break my promise. I promised you a house, I do NOT break my promises." WOW!, that is all I could say. Tears welled up in both our eyes and when we got home I wrote seven pages in my journal about it. Lord, don't let me forget this day!

Hubby and I have struggled this year when it comes to a home of our own. Our monies are normally tied up in paying our bills and running the business and so at the rate we're going, we didn't know if a home could even be a possibility. But with God?, nothing is impossible! And to use the rainbow as His emphasis to us that when He promises something to His children, He does NOT forget and He does NOT break His word. It's this afterglow that I'm still wearing several days later. God is Amazing! If He's promised you something... healing, deliverance, ministry-related, relational, whatever it is...know this: just as with the rainbow, God will NOT break His promise to you.

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