The New Year is On

I didn't realize until today that I hadn't written anything in the new year! So how's your year starting off? Ours got off to a bit of a rocky start but I think it's getting better. In our church service last Sunday, we had one of our Associate Pastors preach and he said that he looks at a new year as a new opportunity. I've also heard hubby tell me that he looks at a new day as a new opportunity to see God move and His presence in a new way. I never thought about it like that. I'm so busy assessing progress of accomplishments that I'm missing the excitement of seeing possibilities and opportunities.

God wants to show us mysteries and let us in on His secrets but oftentimes we're so busy with life that we don't get close enough to Him to see what He wants to show us. I was so caught up in my circumstances that I couldn't see anything but fear for the future. Well, God didn't give me fear. He wants me to face each moment with confidence in Him.

Part of my recovery has been to write in my journal. Thanks to my wonderful artist friend, Kimberly, who made a journal and gave it to me for Christmas, it has really been a God-send to me. I spend several hours a night writing "Letters to Jesus", writing how I'm feeling, what I'm learning, sharing a favorite scripture, thanking Him and even sometimes writing a poem. If the day wasn't good, I write about it. I don't hold back. It's therapeutic because I'm no longer trying to handle problems alone and in my own strength.

I made no New Year's resolutions this year, just some goals that I made up my mind to do. And, I'm so happy to say, I'm sticking with it and seeing results.

  • We're saving big to get a house.
  • I've lost some weight!!!! YAY and no more swollen feet and ankles, all healed up. My food intake is a little wacky right now but I feel better in my clothes and even when I look in the full length mirror.
  • Heal emotionally. I thought this would be a long battle, but I don't think so. It's a one moment at a time kind of thing but when you give over a broken heart to Jesus, He will mend it. All that I needed to do was surrender my will and stop trying to be Ms. Fix It! I think women in general are made this way where we feel we must hold up the family, the house, the kids, a job or business, our looks but at the same time, we're falling apart. It's too much to carry.
  • Drink more water and eat more fruit. Since, coming off the desserts and replacing them with fruit, I feel the difference. Drinking more water is a work in progress, pray for me! LOL

Did you make any plans for 2018 or goals?, something you want to do or place you want to go? Tell me about it!