What Does It Really Mean to Think on Good Things?

Tonight, as I was reading my Bible, I saw today's verse is from Philippians 4:8. Basically God is telling us to think on good things. It's so easy to think and dwell on what's wrong in our lives that we forget about what's right. I've been so guilty of this. I've spent way too much time dwelling on my past mistakes, even coveting what other people have that I don't. All this is sin and it's bad. God has blessed all of us and not everything in our life is negative. When He wakes us up in the morning, that's a blessing and when we make it through the day and lay down to sleep, it's because of His grace.

I believe that keeping my thoughts stayed on Jesus and how good He is to me is the best positive thinking advice. He came to earth out of pure love. He didn't have to do it. He didn't have to die in my place for my sins. He loved us enough not to let us stumble through life getting destroyed by the enemy of our souls. I really should have no problems thinking of someone who loves me that much. Why is it so hard then? I think it's when I take my eyes off Jesus and focus on what I want. I get sidetracked by temporal things. My friends all have houses, why don't I have one? My friends can go out and eat any time they like, why can I afford to do that? My friends are all retired, why do I still have to work? The operative word here is, "I". That's what God is trying to break me of.

It's not good to compare ourselves to others anyway because we all have a different path and God wants to use us in many, different ways for His glory. If we don't question His sovereignty and allow Him to do what He needs to do, we will have enough blessings that we would never want what the other guy has. We would be content and happy.

In spite of problems and issues surrounding us, I don't think this verse would appear in the Bible if it wasn't possible to do. God knew all about what life would be like for each one of us. He knew what this world would be like in 2017 and He knows the future. Armed with The Word of God, we can be victorious even through uncertainties when we keep our minds thinking on Him.

photo courtesy of pixabay.com