10 Things I've Learned with my Exercise Routine

We learn something new everyday and that's certainly true with my daily workout. So, in this series of "My Journey to a Healthier Me", I'm sharing what I've learned so far:

Note: I'm only speaking from my own experience and how my body feels. I realize everyone's workout routine is different.

  1. Do a warm-up and cool-down. It took me about a few weeks to realize that I can't just go right into walking at a fast pace nor can I go cold turkey and stop after the walk. I tried that once and boy I felt so much pain standing up. So now, I do a couple of slow walks before I start and then I pick up my regular speed and pace. Then after I walk my laps, I do a cool down of walking very slowly until my breathing is normal before I actually stop to rest. 
  2. Enjoy the journey. It can't be a chore to me. I sure enjoyed eating all those desserts which led to the weight gain! Enjoy the slimming down process too! If it becomes a chore, then it will be hard to stay committed.
  3. Clear my mind. I had a couple of days last week where I had a ton of stuff on my mind, I was stressed and even frustrated. That is a bad combination for exercise. My body felt awful and I struggled walking. I use this time to pray but I know that I need to leave my problems at home before I exercise.
  4. Eat breakfast after walking. Okay so I was eating a bunch of apple slices one day last week, don't remember what day, and got so bloated that I couldn't finish my walk! LOL! It is easier for me to have a light breakfast after I get home.
  5. Keep dehydrated. This is common sense, but because I sometimes lack sense, I didn't realize that I need to keep a bottle of water nearby. I see why that is important now and I don't leave home without it!
  6. K.I.S.S. Keep it simple sister girl! My goal is only to walk. I don't take it too seriously as to compare day to day stats and beat myself up if I didn't walk as long one day as I did the day before. I'm happy that everyday I'm burning calories and that my body is moving.
  7. Social skills. On my daily walks, I get to meet a lot of people and it gives me the opportunity to make friends and take them along on my journey. Some of them come everyday just to see me which is so sweet. I'm typically an introverted, reserved person but now that I'm no longer just in front of a computer, I get to work on being more comfortable around people.
  8. Working remotely just got easier. With my new handy dandy ear buds with a built in mic, I can conduct conference calls, send massive emails and do web research on the go. Love this part because I've been looking for ways to do my day job better. Automation is one way but being able to work while out is an outright miracle. 
  9. I can hear The Lord more clearly. Starting off my day spending quality time in prayer is so therapeutic for me. And, when my mind is clear, I can hear Him speak into my spirit much better like He's walking right beside me. It's a cool feeling! I can go through the rest of the day in a better frame of mind when I spend that time with Jesus chatting like I would with a friend. 
  10. Breathe. It's okay to stop periodically and take deep breaths and in fact, this is very important. We should never skip this when exercising. I like to check my pedometer app to see where I am so I'll take a swig of water, take a breath and then keep going.
I actually have 11 things I've learned but I didn't want to mess up the title of my post...still I want to share it so here's #11:

Walking helps me organize. When I'm focused on walking, it seems I have more clarity and I believe it's because I'm in a different environment. I'm either outside or at the store walking. So, I'm catching cool, crisp ocean air and enjoying the sunshine or at the store looking at all the pretty items! Either place is good to get away especially when there's a lot going on.

I must say that this is one of the hardest tasks to tackle, but my eyes are on the prize at the end. And that is, to get to a healthier weight and feel good overall. There's no price tag on that! 

Thanks for coming along on my journey with me!

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