Giving Back to The Lord

Hannah in the Bible did it. Abraham almost did it. David had to do it. What am I talking about? Giving something back to The Lord. Ever had something or someone that you had to let go of? I have. It's not easy, but Jesus has to be first in my life for me to even have a life.

When God blesses us, He also wants us to bless someone else. It's supposed to be a domino effect. The New Testament church in the book of Acts got it right. They sold their belongings to help the needy. They broke bread together, no wonder their numbers grew daily. God doesn't like selfishness so when I pray, how much of it is spent asking for what I want vs. what someone else needs?

It's real easy to get caught up in my own life and forget that this life isn't all about me. Jesus didn't save me just for myself, He expects that I will impact those I come in contact with. He wants me to make a difference in another person's life. He was all about people in His earthly ministry.

The thing is... nothing we give Him is done in vain. He has a purpose in mind and the blessings we receive in turn far outweigh a price tag. Case in point, I was walking in the store last week doing my exercising and an older gentlemen was looking for a salesperson to help him find some fishing gear. He asked me if I knew if anyone was around to help him. Well, we were coming up on the information desk where you can call for help. I could have told him that he could pick up the phone and call a sales rep, but instead I asked him exactly what he was looking for and then I got on the phone and spoke to the salesperson telling them what the gentleman wanted. Immediately, the salesperson came over to help him and he thanked me. I smiled and went on with my walk. I was counting my laps but that didn't matter. God used me to help someone else and it may have been a small thing I did but to me it wasn't and I felt so good afterwards. I like blessing others.

Going the extra mile today is almost the exception and not the norm but God is very clear how He wants us to live. And, life has a funny way of turning around and when we're in need, that same blessing we gave out comes back to us. This world can certainly use kindness, tenderness, gentleness, and love and of these gifts God gives us, love is the most important. We're talking about showing the gifts of The Holy Spirit to a world that many have never been treated kindly before. Giving back to The Lord comes with its own set of blessings and miracles. Let's look for more opportunities to be a blessing rather than to ask for a blessing and see what God does.

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