My Journey to a Healthier Me Series

WOW, this is the beginning of my 4th week walking everyday and it didn't dawn on me until yesterday to write about it. I love to walk every morning praying to The Lord, it's the best way to start my day. Before I begin, just wanted to say this is the first post of a series I'm entitling, "My Journey to a Healthier Me". It's one of those things that you make a new year's resolution to do, but for me it didn't go much further than a promise I made to myself that is... until four weeks ago.

If you didn't know, about two months ago, I suffered a mental breakdown. It was the result of about three years of back-to-back traumatic experiences. One night, I just lost it. I was broken and completely wounded. My emotions were so damaged that I ate sweets all day long everyday causing a LOT of problems as you can imagine. From swollen feet, ankles, and legs to weight gain to P.T.S.D. (post traumatic syndrome disorder), I was a mess. I had major physical pain which was the camel that broke the straw back! (I meant to say it that way LOL!) I knew I couldn't go on like that anymore and it propelled me to make some drastic changes. That's when I decided I would walk and get off desserts entirely, lower the carbs, drink a LOT more water and most importantly turn my despair over to God. And let me tell you, it didn't take long to see some results.

In my series, I want to take you along on my journey with me as I work to get healthier. I'll share my progress and what I'm learning about health in general. I hope that it'll be interesting enough for you to keep up with me and maybe encourage you if you also want to get healthier. One thing's for sure, emotional healing is just as important as physical.

The first thing I noticed was how much better I felt just after three days of walking. I had more energy, less lethargic feelings and noticed my clothes were loose fitting. Of course, that made me go into my happy dance!

Also, I decided not to make any specific goals except one: WALK. It doesn't matter how long I walk or how many laps I do and I'm not competing against my daily stats. And, I don't get upset with myself if one day I don't walk as long. I typically do about 30 laps and walk around my apartment complex but when the weather isn't cooperating, I walk in the store across the street. I nicknamed it my "mall walk", because we don't have a mall in my town. Everyone working there pretty much now knows me by name!

I even found a cool app called "Pedometer" and installed it. It records the number of steps I walk, mph, how many calories I lose, how long I've walked and how 248.2 calories and I typically walk a little over one hour a day. Every Saturday, I measure myself just to see where I am. I've actually lost 2 inches off my chest and waist and 1 inch off my hips! Whoo hoo! And, when people I don't know ask me have I lost weight, that's how I know it's working. Even one of the ladies who works at the store told me she lost 30 lbs., just from walking, that was so encouraging.

I've got a LOT more to share with you, but to keep this first part from being a novel I'm going to end it here. I'm just so excited about how I feel, the swelling has gone down and I believe I'll be able to keep the weight off and feel healthier emotionally too. Not sure how often I'll write about my journey, I think it'll be weekly or if I'm really wanting to share something. Thanks for coming along!

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