The Grinding Years

I'm pushing through! Beginning my fifth week of walking has been quite interesting. Today, I was much more well rested than yesterday but still I was struggling to take a step. I was exhausted afterwards, I wanted to crash out for the rest of the day. My mind began to wander why this is and suddenly I compared it to when I first started high school. At that time, I was so excited to graduate 8th grade and I was feeling a little more grown up. Being a freshie in high school was new and so cool but it changed when I became a sophomore. It was like, "man...I've got three more years of this!" But, I kept going even when I didn't feel like doing homework or going to class. So, when I got to my senior year, I was really excited, "Yeah, nailed it!"

What happened in between freshmen and senior year? The way I see it is, the freshie year I was trying to get my feet wet, learn the culture, get used to everything and there was little pressure. The senior year was a celebration of hard work and now I'm making plans for adulthood. The sophomore and junior years are the "grinding years" where you put your head down and go to work. It was so important that my GPA was high enough to have choices of colleges.

Perhaps the first four weeks of walking was my "freshie" year. I was excited to be exercising, enjoyed some incredible results, and my body began to heal. Now my body is like "ugghhh.....I gotta do this for how long?!" So, guess that means I'm in the sophomore "grinding years"! And as with school, it took dedication, perseverance, and commitment to graduate so it'll take the same now to lose weight.

I'm thinking once I don't feel so exhausted and sore after every walk, I'll be in my senior year and "bam!, nailed it!" LOL!

Thanks for coming along on my journey with me!

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