The Love of God Preached

You know, I've been walking with The Lord a long time and recently it dawned on me that I've misunderstood the nature of God. Let me explain. The church background I came from was very strict and I hardly remember hearing many teachings on The Love of God. It was fire and brimstone preaching and there's a time for that. However, to only hear that sort of teaching makes you characterize God as someone you can't get close to. John 3:16 was glossed over many times and sometimes from the pulpit, the preacher might take a pot shot at other churches that talk a lot about the Love of God rather than the Wrath of God. And as I said, there's a time and place for that.

But what made me realize that I must change my way of thinking was after going through recent past trials that left me nervous and a basket case and how I experienced God's tenderness and healing touch. I read an awesome blog post written about how tender The Lord is and how compassionate He is. It really touched me. I pray to God everyday but I've caught myself thinking, even saying, "I don't know if God will answer that for me" or "I'm not sure God would want that for me". It's like I know He's able to do anything and that He cares but did I really know? I don't think so.

When we pray earnestly from our heart, we should expect to hear from God. Now, He is sovereign and I get that, but He really does care deeply about everything we go through. He cared so much that He put on flesh so He could feel the struggles we feel. And He didn't stop at the cross. He keeps on giving His spirit, His love and His presence to us all the time. He is love.

Starting today, I need to stop just reading the words in the Bible and purposefully let them permeate in my heart. Receive what He gives and allow myself to be loved. We can easily think so lowly of ourselves before Him that we don't realize how much He loves us and wants to be close. He wants our honest, heartfelt prayers. He wants to bless our day. He wants to lead us down right paths. He wants the best for us. None of this I was taught.

Of course, we should revere Him, He is God after all. But just like us, He has different characteristics too. And I believe He wants us to know all of Him, not just a part. Isn't that how we are with people, we want them to see our whole package, not take a part of our character and base us solely on that. We are His beloved children. I want to start looking at God for more than what I was taught about Him but open my heart to see more of what He wants to show me. I don't want to just sing that He's a good God, I want to feel His goodness and kindness. Don't you?!

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