The Struggle

This is part 2 of "My Journey to a Healthier Me". Thanks for coming along with me!

In this post, I'm talking about struggling. But before I do, today I'm celebrating 1 whole month of walking everyday!!!! YAY! I'm so happy AND I've already lost 3 inches off my chest and waist and 2 inches off my hips. Some of my clothes are too big now!! I'm going to need a whole new wardrobe soon... shucks, that's a real problem! Yeah...right! LOL!

So, my first and second week of walking went by pretty smoothly. However, it was the third week that I began to really struggle. I was experiencing some minor soreness in my left knee and it just seemed like my body didn't want to exercise. And each day during this week, there was some interruption in the early morning preventing me from getting out the door on time. I bet you've had mornings when you've got back-to-back problems coming at you. I knew it would be easy to skip a day or two and for a moment I entertained the thought of quitting (I started thinking, "this is so hard"), but I didn't and let me tell you why. After the second week, I was already slimming down and feeling better. Results is a huge motivator. I knew I wanted to keep going.

And, I made my walks my time with The Lord. I walk from 30 to 40 laps praying and listening to Jesus. I LOVE IT! So much so that no matter what went on this 3rd week, I made myself go and I was glad I did because by the 4th week, I no longer had knee pain and things calmed down. I know that any time I make my mind up to do something that will benefit me, somewhere along the way there will be struggle and isn't that the same when it comes to doing things for God? You make up your mind to be more spiritually acute, read your bible more and consistently everyday, or maybe you've joined a ministry at church and now you're not sure you should have. It is a struggle to live a holy Christian life because the enemy knows that when we make up our minds to improve, God gets behind us and that spells trouble for him.

There are even times I didn't feel like going to a Sunday service, but when I pushed through my feelings, it ended up being the service of a lifetime and I left energized, illuminated, and ready to go further in Jesus. Let me encourage you today that if you're trying to improve in an area in your life and you're struggling with it, keep going. Don't give up and don't give in to how you feel right now. If I had given up, all my two weeks of hard work would have been for nothing and I'd be wondering now where I would be if I hadn't stopped. Or, let's say I missed a few days and went back walking. It would have been hard to start over but the key is to be consistent and faithful to my goal of feeling and looking healthier.

It really takes dedication to reach our goals but I believe with God on my side, I'll be able to do it. And, this journey I'm on isn't just for a short time, exercise and eating right is now my lifestyle. It's part of me. And I know some weeks maybe I might not lose a lot but that's okay. In the beginning of anything, there might be days even weeks where it seems like nothing's better. But trust me, keep going. You will see the payoff and you'll be so happy you stuck with it. When I saw how many inches I had lost and how my clothes were fitting, boy that made me wanna jog rather than walk! LOL! And, even in The Lord, my sister and my brother... stay in the race! It doesn't matter that you finish first, it matters that you finish strong.

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