It Feels Good...Losing Weight

WOW! I've made through my 9th week of walking and last week I dropped 4 pounds, the week before 3 pounds and I'm feeling so good about my progress. It also feels really good to wear clothes that are now too big! Also, feeling better emotionally too. Emotions are so tied to physical and it's amazing to me just how much. When you feel good physically, you look good and you feel more energetic, confident, stable.

It'll be time for a new wardrobe soon, looking forward to that... but as I was thinking of how great it feels to lose physical weight, I thought about the spiritual weights we carry. And, they're just as bad as carrying pounds on the body.

Losing Spiritual Weights

I think I've put something behind me and just when it seems to be gone, it comes right back in my face and again I have to cast it down. It weighs on me (no pun intended lol) that it doesn't always go away, right away and stays away.

The reality is some weights have to be cast down many times until they are gone. But God doesn't mind if you have to come to Him several times a day repeating His Word over worry, frustration or whatever the stronghold is. He knows what we wrestle with isn't flesh and blood but spirits (Ephesians 6:12).       

The more we turn over the things we can't control to God, the less worries we will have. I also believe that just because we struggle to give up things that grieve God doesn't mean He's not working in us. He is the potter and we're the clay, we're always a work in progress.

But, again the more we turn over our bad thoughts, habits, worries and concerns, and actions to Jesus, we will lose spiritual weights and we'll have real freedom. The problem lies in not completing surrendering our lives to The Lord. I know that I can't do anything without Jesus. I need Him working in me all the time because I know my frailties. I know the buttons the enemy likes to push to get me upset so I have to let go and let God handle my problems, insecurities, and cares.

I read this wonderful article, "Let Go and Let God Handle It All" and I bookmarked the page on my phone. I've re-read this many times especially during those times when my faith was being tested. I absolutely recommend you read it too. To be a whole person, we have to lose physical, emotional, and yes spiritual weights! Then we will be, quoting from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.: "free at last, free at last, Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

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